Non-Invasive Neural Interfaces

for Personalized 

Mental Health and Well Being 

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Our first product - EASE, to help

you deal with depression in a safer, time-efficient, and personalised way

Depression causes lowered left dorsolateral pre-frontal cortex activity. This leads to decreased emotional control and cognitive processing.

Our novel technology uses non-invasive brain stimulation personalised to you to help restore emotional control and cognitive processing. 

Safer than drugs

As effective as drugs with none of its side-effects


Sense your brain signals via EEG to give the treatment you need

Behavioural Therapy

Establish better thought patterns for lasting change

We value
you & your health

Every brain is different, your brain state can even change every minute. We use EEG to understand your current brain state and stimulate accordingly making the treatment safe, effective and efficient.

Time Efficient

20 mins, 2-3 times a week

Notice changes in a week

Real-Time Feedback

Track your progress through our app

Strengthen Cognition

Brain games to strengthen cognitive functions

Why do you need this?

Research shows you can notice improvements with a month of use.

Improves your psychological state

Increases your

overall energy 

Increases your

cognitive power



Our technology is backed by decades of Research.

Stay tuned for in-house product trials

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